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Advantages of Copyright Registration

By obtaining copyright registration, artists, authors, and producers secure legal ownership and exclusive rights over their unique creations. This process effectively safeguards against unauthorized copying, piracy, and distribution of their works, while also deterring the unlawful use of other individuals' creative works and intellectual property. Submitting your copyright registration formally establishes your ownership of the respective work and enhances your future rights in combating copyright infringement and unauthorized utilization by individuals or entities.

  • Protect your

    With The Assurance of Protection, You Can Unleash Your Creativity Without Hesitation

  • Secure your Rights

    Ensure The Security of Your Rights to Your Original Creations, supported by Verified Evidence

  • Avoid Infringements

    Establish Yourself as The Recognized Owner and Monitor Unauthorized Usage of Your Work

What Copyright Protection Covers?

For Protection of Your
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Our Affordable Copyright Registration Packages


$ 99


  • Professional Preparation
    of your federal copyright application including a review by the copyright team for accuracy, completeness and common mistakes
  • Federal E-Filing
    Electronic filing of your application with the USPTO with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files
  • Certificate of Registration that
    will be mailed to you directly from the U.S. Copyright Office.


$ 149


  • Cease & Desist Letter
    A customer-specific form you can further customize if someone is infringing on your copyright. Avoid wasting time and money
  • Transfer/Assignment
    Custom assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise convey your copyright, you have access to your pre-filled in template that you can further customize
  • 24-hour Expedited Process
    of the preparation of your copyright application. Normal processing time is 5 business days in our Basic package

Our Copyright Registration Services

Personalized Cease & Desist Letter

In the event of copyright infringement, you have the option to customize a tailored document specific to your situation through Trademark Surge. Whether it involves unauthorized use of your intellectual property, harassment from collection agencies, or defamation, our experienced team of attorneys can assist you in saving both time and money.

Copyright Assignment/Transfer

Upon obtaining your official copyright owner record through Trademark Surge, you can access a pre-filled template that can be modified to suit your needs if you decide to sell or transfer your copyright. It's important to note that written documentation signed by the owner or their authorized agent is required for a valid transfer. Our skilled attorneys will expertly handle the necessary paperwork should you wish to transfer your ownership or grant permission for the buying and selling of your creative work by other parties.

Efficient Filing Service

By utilizing our proficient filing service, you can electronically submit your application to the USPTO without the need to rely on traditional mail or deal with physical files. Once our team diligently prepares and organizes your case materials for submission, you will receive a Certificate of Registration via mail from the United States Copyright Office. This streamlined process ensures a smooth and convenient experience for our clients.

About Us

Trademark Surge maintains its prominent position in safeguarding the artistic creations, literary works, and musical talents of artists, producers, writers, and renowned singers worldwide. Our commitment lies in providing utmost protection for the authenticity and significance of your endeavors. With over two decades of experience, our team of exceptional attorneys consistently ensures that your creative endeavors are fortified against infringement, boasting a remarkable 100% approval rate from the USCO. We take pride in delivering unrivaled defense for your creative projects, ensuring they remain impervious to unauthorized use.

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    Have Effectively Obtained the Rights to Their Creations by Utilizing Our Services

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    Specializing in Various Industries Have Experienced the Advantages of Copyright Protection

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    Has Provided Copyright Consultations to Over 700,600 Clients Around the Globe

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